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Springo Startpage gives you instant links to the top, most frequently visited sites on the Web.
When you choose to make Springo Startpage your homepage, you get fast and easy access to tens of top Internet sites at the click of a button. Instantly-identifiable, easy to scan buttons link to the sites you visit most often and to top sites on the Web. They are arranged in clear, well-organized categories that let you find what you want, fast and get you where you need to go without a single keystroke.
Personalize the Springo Startpage by choosing a flavor that reflects your interests—business, student life, kids and more. Springo will make it fast and easy for you to get to the sites that are most likely to interest you.
Springo Startpage categories include news, email, social networks, search engines, weather, shopping, sports, food, humor, classifieds and more. So, chances are that whatever site you need, Springo Startpage can get you there in one click. To make Springo Startpage your home page, click here.